Executive Director Message

TMSS is a non-government multidimensional development organization. It has made a transformative journey during the last four decades since its inception. TMSS founded in Thengamara, Bogura Sadar and the ways in which its initiatives and programs help it to evolve from its humble beginning into one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh – working across the multiple sectors. Our world today is in a state of flux. Information technology has changed, virtually, every facet of our lives, affects each and every one of us. In order to keep pace with this unrelenting change, we must continue to acquire the skills and knowledge to embrace the innovations that are engulfing the global socio-economic condition. As a developing nation ensuring quality education is one of the major challenges Bangladesh is facing at this moment. Our organization emphasizes the most on improving education in Bangladesh and established 41 institutions focused on from primary to advanced level of education along with the technical, health & medical education. In 2014 TMSS Public School & College (TPSC) was established for dissemination of holistic and modern education through integrated learning. It aims to foster the intellectual and physical development of the young learners and to make them able to attain excellence through the acquisition of knowledge & assimilation of moral values. Since its inception, the institution has been working efficiently and presently it has become a modern, dynamic and innovative institution providing high quality education in every sphere of knowledge. Let me express my sincere thanks to all the teachers and officials who are the most important part of this institution and I welcome all my dear students who seek to join us in our mission of sharing and creating new knowledge where you will not only gain practical knowledge but also learn to lead and serve humanity. We hope your association with this institution will be a memorable one.

4 Group 48 Teacher's 44 Staff's 1623 Students
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